How do I complete an assessment?

How do I complete an assessment?

Inside your course you will see the unit of competency. Under each unit of competency, you will see your unit assessments. Your assessment will be made up of short answer, file upload or multiple choice questions.

Before commencing an assessment you must read the Assessment Instruction & Disclaimer page.

When you are ready to commence, click the start button.

Your task is to carefully read and consider each of the questions, then when you are ready, answer each of the questions in their correct order and submit your responses to your assessor.

Click the Save & Next button to save your response and move to the next question. If you exit the assessment your responses will be saved and you can continue answering at a later date.

If you miss a question, click the Previous button to move to the question. Please take note of the colour code question key.

You must click through to the end of the assessment to access the Final Submit button and send your assessment to the marking queue.

Before you click the Final Submit button check to make sure you have not missed any questions (red).

You will be warned: Important: Once you click the Final Submit button, you will not be able to change your answers. Do you wish to continue? Yes or No

An assessment notepad (overview) has been provided for you to take notes and compose answers. You can copy your answers from the notepad into the sauceLMS assessment if it is a short answer question.