I didn't pass my assessment, what do I do?

I didn't pass my assessment, what do I do?

If you have received a Not Satisfactory result and you have not used all your attempts you must reattempt the assessment.

Go back to your course and navigate to the marked assessment.

You can read your assessor's overall comments about the assessment. You can see whether each of your answers was correct or incorrect.

To do your assessment again, click the re-attempt button.

You only need to resubmit the questions that were marked as incorrect.

If you have correctly answered a question in the previous attempt, your answer will be locked and you will see that it was marked as correct. You will see the question/s that are correct are identified by a green tick. The question/s that you must resubmit are grey.

Click Save & Next to move to the question/s that require you to resubmit your answer.

To view your previous answer and the previous assessor comment click the link above the question.